What we do...

Project success begins with a strong, well thought-out foundation; good planning, budgeting and strategy, culminating in complete and clear requirements. Cross Sea Strategy Advisors work with Entrepreneurs and Small-Mid Sized businesses to help project's succeed. Our services are offered together or individually based on your needs. Consider this example:


You plan to build a new web site, create a mobile application or an ecommerce site - or are planning a social media marketing campaign. You are risking capital and brand reputation. How can Cross Sea Strategy Advisors help your business ? (read below for details). 

What Cross Sea Strategy Advisors does for Business - Digital General Contractor.
Staffing and Resources

Project Definition and Requirements

We help you to clearly define your project scope, plan your budget and write your requirements.

Why is this important? Over 33% of all project fail due to incomplete or poorly written requirements. Working closely with you, we ask detailed questions, listen and act as a soundboard to ensure a complete and full understanding of your project. We then help to ensure that the scope and requirements fit within your budget. The results are a strong foundation for the start of your project. And results in a higher likelihood of project success. Contact Cross Sea Strategy today.

Project Management Services

Request for Quotation and Vendor Selection

We help facilitate a request for quotation process and then match your project to the right service partner (the folks who will build it for you).

Why is this important? Selecting a partner with proven success will ensure the job gets done right. The project will be delivered on-time, on-budget. Contact Cross Sea Strategy today.

Project Management Services

Project Management and Review

We manage and guide your project to a successful conclusion.

Why is this important? Providing project management and continual oversight through your project's development will ensure your expectations met... and results delivered. We mediate solutions and overcome obstacles to keep your project on track. Contact Cross Sea Strategy today.

Project Management Services

Innovation and Creativity

We provide a sounding board and bring in subject matter experts to help guide your social media and online marketing programs.

Why is this important? Social Media and Online Marketing is ever changing. Our experts stay on top of the latest trends and know what works, and what may not for your program and business. Contact Cross Sea Strategy today.

Project Management Services

Why take risks?

Cross Sea Strategy Advisors use only proven development partners, located in both the US and abroad. These services are offered together or individually, based on your needs. We also have experienced writers for SEO, newsletters, social and email campaigns etc -- and we recently added a security expert team to analyze and make recommendations regarding the vulnerability of your web site. Contact Cross Sea Strategy today to start your project off right.