Services - Revenue Creation

Business Development services for your products or services in the US Marketplace.

  Cross Sea Strategy Advisors will represent your company and provide lead generation and/or business development services. There are multiple ways we can provide lead and sales services, including referral agreements, targeting business connections, and close oriented sales. We can deploy sales resources in key cities and will provide post-sales project management and customer service.

In addition, we will identify and leverage online and offline channels, attend business networking and create and staff trade show events to create a presence and uncover new customers.
Global Business Connections - introducing your company to us based partners, investors and clients

For example: Your company provides high quality programming services for mobile devices and tablets. Your team is well experienced with a strong examples of work. We can help you uncover new opportunities with US based entrepreneurs and companies. Cross Sea will generate leads and act to close sales, creating new revenue for your international business.

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