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From Idea to Action: Providing Added Value To Your Clients


At Cross Sea Partners, we provide confidential, third-party development services to marketing executives like you. Managing Director Stephen Harris has over ten years of experience leveraging the expertise and competitive pricing of offshore developers to provide additional value to your clients. Consider the following ways you might use our services, at no additional cost to you.


• Leveraging our expertise: An important client requires an iPad app , and no one on your team has this necessary skill set. We use development companies staffed with programmers who have already proven their expertise and efficiency. The programmers start right away, with no need for training or hand-holding.


• Expanding your capacity: Your go-to developers are all booked, and a client or prospect needs a new Web application built in a hurry. We work with development companies who can provide efficient, cost-effective staff per project or on a monthly basis. We eliminate any need to jeopardize an existing client relationship or turn down a profitable new client due to lack of developer availability.


• Increasing proposal competitiveness: You’re in a competitive bid situation. Leveraging our offshore pricing, usually $25-35/hr, allows you to bid more competitively and/or enhance your profit margins. Your proposal can include behind-the-scenes, third-party development services.


• Resurrecting stalled proposals: If you have certain prospects that do have not move forward with your proposal due to budgetary concerns, we can help re-quote the development segment, potentially offering increased functionality at a lower overall cost.


Because marketing agencies typically work directly, seamlessly, and discretely with our third-party development companies, your clients would not know we exist. We provide multiple development proposals so you can select the right one for each unique situation. If you have any concerns along the way, we work with the developers to help resolve any issues, helping to keep your agency looking good in the eyes of your client.

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