Entrepreneur and Small-Mid Size Business Services

From Idea to Action: Web, Mobile and Social Media Development & Programming


Our Clients

At Cross Sea Partners, we work closely with entrepreneurs and small-business owners who have:
•             An innovative iOS, Android, PHP, responsive web, or other key technology project
•             Little or no app development experience
•             Little or no time to code an app or find a development partner
•             A restrictive budget

Our Developers

We work with development companies staffed with talented, experienced programmers. Some of our partner companies are local, while others are across the globe. This gives you choice. We use established companies with plenty of staff, never freelancers.

Our Experience

Managing Director Stephen Harris has over ten years of experience helping entrepreneurs and small-business owners plan their projects and find the right developers. He turns innovative ideas into action plans and detailed requirements that developers can follow.

Getting the Best Deal and Saving You Time

Working with Cross Sea Partners, you don’t have to spend time researching each and every development company. Instead, we obtain multiple development proposals and help you choose the best proposal for your specific needs.

Bringing Entrepreneurs and Developers Together

Once you select a development company, you work seamlessly and directly with that partner. However, we remain on the scene to ensure the project stays on track, helping to solve major and minor issues alike.

Resolving Conflicts

Our clients, as well as our iOS, Android, and other web developers, bring their own cultural perspectives and business practices. For some entrepreneurs and small-business owners, this can be frustrating. At Cross Sea Partners, we have many years of experience working with and managing programmers, both in the U.S. and abroad. We cultivate efficiency and innovative ideas, while lowering cost.

Through mentoring, effective listening, and conflict resolution, we foster a positive experience that increases profit potential. When necessary, we can resolve issues by removing developers from the team, adding new personnel, or dealing with company management. This can save you hours of time-consuming work. If you need to change the scope of a project, we can also manage the change control for you, ensuring a workable schedule and budget for your new requirements. This helps to ensure an on-time, on-budget delivery.

Many of our services are free to you.

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